• Workforce and Higher Access to Markets Activity

    The goal of the USAID WHAM (Workforce and Higher Access to Markets) Activity is encouraging the creation of new jobs in export-oriented small and medium enterprises.


    About us

    USAID WHAM provides grants and technical support to export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises in BiH from the wood processing, metal processing, textile and information and communications sectors. WHAM is funded by USAID, and implemented by IESC, in collaboration with ENOVA.


    The USAID WHAM project began in June, 2017 and will end in June, 2022.


    In the first three-year phase, the Activity has had a $1.65 million (USD) fund, which, among other things, aims to support 165 companies, recruit 1545 people, fund training for 585 people and achieve 43 certifications. In the second two-year phase, from June 2020 to June 2022, a $1 million (USD) fund is planned to support 110 new companies, create 840 new jobs, and train 1,400 people.

  • Request for Proposals
    Public Announcement

    USAID’s Workforce and Higher Access to Markets Activity (WHAM) invites eligible organizations to submit concept notes for grant funding as detailed below


    Issuance Date: 16-July-2021
    Closing Date: 16-August-2021

    Total Potential Funding: USD 110,000
    Estimated Number of Awards: 3
    Maximum Award: USD 70,000


    WHAM published a Requests for Applications (RFAs) targeted to support training centers that provide training to companies in metal, wood, textile/footwear and ICT industries, aiming to expand capacity, reach more markets, and generate greater employment.


    RFA published is focused on improving workforce.


    For full RFA visit http://www.whambih.org/.


    If you would like for a member of the WHAM team to provide a presentation of this public call to you individually, please get in touch with us via our email whamgrants@iesc.org. A WHAM team member will contact you to arrange an individual presentation and answer any questions you may have.

    WHAM team also organizes Microsoft Teams webinar to present this RFA.

    1. Wednesday 28.7.2021 at 11:00

    2. Wednesday 4.8.2021 at 11:00


    Deadline for receiving Grant Applications is 6:00PM local time on August 16, 2021. The RFA will be closed earlier if all the potential funding is exhausted. We encourage interested organizations to submit their application as soon as possible.


    Any questions about the application process please submit via email to whamgrants@iesc.org.


    Download Links:


    1 Grant Application Form_Template, 2a Grant Budget Form Template, 2b Monthly Budget Breakout Form Template, 2c Grant Budget Notes Template, 2d Grant Budget Forms Instructions, 3a Indicators Template, 3b Indicators Example, 4 Environmental Review_Template

    Request for Applications (RFA) WHAM-AID-168-LA-17-00014




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    Success story of the Bugojno company STEP


    The story of new workers at the BELT Banja Luka factory

    Aida Musa, new employee Saraj-Komerc, Gornji Vakuf


    I am grateful for the opportunity to educate myself and finally employ at age 49. It is very difficult in mine find any job for years, and even harder to find worthy work. Thanks to support training USAID WHAM project, I finally have a job, salary and financial security that made it easy and improved the quality of both my and my family's life. It's strong a nice feeling of being useful to the company and society. Happy alone and with working conditions and working environment in Saraj-Komerc.


    Amil Domjanovic, mechanical engineer at the factory STEP, Sarajevo

    Thanks to the education provided by the project USAID WHAM,  I am now a Certified Engineer for welding, which is a prerequisite  for improving the processproduction of the STEP factory.  Even though I ended up  machined college, i had no knowledge  or certification to follow i manage production processes and  procedures in in accordance with European standards. With the  support of the  project USAID WHAM the entire production  process is up to a higher level, and STEP can compete participate in tenders in the international market.

    Miro Lukić, Director Mandeks Molding Ltd., Laktashi

    Our company is assisted by the USAID project WHAM realized design of tool design for injection, modular tooling, advanced ISO 9001 quality management standards i environmental standard ISO EN 14001, and trained employees in project related areas solutions. The USAID WHAM project team, in constant Contacting us has allowed us to quite easily we overcome all obstacles to realization. Increase export by 15% would not be possible without this kind USAID WHAM project support.


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